How Tesla Phones Is Going To Be A Game Changer


In the past few months, several Tweets and Videos have been released claiming that the Tesla company is on the verge of launching a new phone. People believe these ‘rumors’ to be accurate, given the prestige the company has established for itself in the everyday world of tech advancement.


Indeed, Tesla is prominent for its commitment to producing high-tech products over the years. They have produced several modern technologies, AI devices, and many more. The Texas-based company also strives to develop more futuristic and green technologies. For instance, Tesla currently produces electric cars to replace fuel-driven cars and reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

How True Are These ‘Rumors’?

Countless Tweets, Posts, and Videos are all over the internet. Some predict the launch date, features, and uses of the Tesla phone. Though the company kept every proceeding confidential, it won’t be a surprise if there’s a release of a technologically sophisticated phone by Tesla.


They have earlier made significant breakthroughs in the production of modern technologies. There is SpaceX, Starlink, Neuralink, and many more Tesla tech products with hard-to-beat software.


Recently, Elon Musk hinted that he has bigger plans than launching a yesterday-technology smartphone, prompting different feelings and comments from people. This statement made everyone subject to their imagination as they attempted to predict what the Tesla phone would look like.

Expected Features Of The Tesla Phone

Since Tesla is yet to launch the Tesla Pi Phone (rumored name) officially, we can only predict what it will look like based on Tesla’s previous technological innovations. The company is on the front foot when it comes to the production of sophisticated modern technologies.


The features of their previous tech productions are what we used to get a glimpse of how the phone would operate.


Below is a list of the special advancements everyone expects this telephony game-changer to feature;

  • A solar-powered battery
  • A sleek futuristic hardware design, having a photochromic case that will change in color when exposed to sunlight.
  • Sync with other Tesla tech devices, such as electric cars. The Pi phone is expected to be able to connect with other Tesla products, e.g., electric cars, and perform several controlling functions. With the phone, you should be able to open, close, start, stop, heat, cool, and do many other control functions on the Tesla electric car.
  • Neuralink tech compatibility: Tesla company is undoubtedly a fan of the idea of connecting devices with the human brain. Tesla Pi Phone could include that feature with the help of special brain-integrated chips.
  • Built-in crypto miners: The Tesla Pi Phone is expected to feature several built-in cryptocurrency mining apps. This will enable users to mine virtual cryptocurrencies via their smartphones.

Tesla Pi Phone Release Date & Price

Elon Musk and his crew have not announced the launch date of the Tesla phone. Regardless, many believe the game-changer device will be launched in the coming year. It is, however, just a rough guess as the Tesla Pi phone’s official production is yet to begin.


As for its price, there is also no specific amount slated for the phones just yet. We believe that due to its highly sophisticated tech features, it would come at a high price. The phone is predicted to have a price range that is similar to that of Apple iPhones.


Regardless of what it may be if it is a rumor or not. One sure thing is that when Tesla decides to launch its smartphone, it’ll be a game changer as it has been with other devices in other sectors. The features will force other smartphone companies to change and incorporate new ideas into their devices.

Jessie Wade

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