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Video game developers, like FromSoftware, have included the multiplayer feature into their brands, improving sales, engagement, and player satisfaction. Getting successful in-game requires lots of strenuous hacking and slashing. It is even more complicated when you are confined to a fixed single-player mode and have to “hustle” alone.


The crossplay component in a game allows you to explore, invade, or assist (co-op) other players in their virtual worlds. Hence, you can get in-game stat points, pick-up items, and other gaming rewards with the help of another gamer.


Elden Ring features multiplayer elements enabling you to have fun and share your gaming experience with other players. However, there are several limitations to crossplay and multiplayer on Elden Ring. This article explains crossplay hindrances and the processes involved in Elden Ring crossplay.

Crossplay Limitations on Elden Ring

The particular gaming limitation in Elden Ring lies in the type of gaming console used. Elden Ring does not support crossplay between players using different gaming consoles or PCs. For instance, if you play on PS5, you won’t be able to play with gamers on Xbox and PC.


This limitation is a setback in player engagement on Elden Ring, as players must use the same gaming console to crossplay. However, Elden Ring has cross-generation support on same-family consoles allowing for crossplay between users of such consoles.



  • It is possible for players to play the game on both PS4 and PS5
  • Players on Xbox One and other Xbox series X|S can play together.

Hence, you do not necessarily have to play on the same console generation to crossplay on Elden Rings.

How to Summon Other Players on Elden Ring

Multiplayer and crossplay on Elden Ring usually begin with one player inviting (summoning) another player into their world. A variety of different in-game items are for multiplayer purposes. A good example is the Tarnished’s Furled Finger which allows you to put down a gold summoning sign that others can see and use to call you into their world.


Tarnished’s Furled Finger is awarded to players early on in the game. However, you can find other similar items in the multiplayer section of the main menu. For easy reference, I compiled a list showing some of Elden Ring’s multiplayer-focused gaming items and their uses;


  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy: Allows you to see other players’ summoning signs and get into their world.
  • Finger Severer: This item ends the crossplay between players. It is to send a summoned player back to their world.
  • Tarnished Wisened Finger: It is to write and send messages in the virtual world.
  • Taunter’s Tongue: allows other players to invade your world.
  • Bloody Finger: lets you invade another player’s world.
  • Blue Cipher Ring: keeps you on alert for player calls for help with invasion.
  • White Cipher Ring: Puts you in a ready state to automatically send help requests when invaded.
  • Duelist’s Furled Finger: allows you to drop a red summon sign for competitive multiplayer

All these perks and more can be found in the multiplayer section on the main menu.


Elfen Ring’s multiplayer component helps players improve in-game and get successful with the aid of other players. You can connect, co-op, or invade other players’ worlds and increase your stats. Also, you can create passwords to filter out random players on the main menu. Therefore, only those with your password can join your world.

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