Google’s Algorithm- 3 Major Google Algorithm Update

proper algorithm updates

For winning a game needs to follow regulations whereas working on google needs to follow regulations, and know about Google’s Algorithm &  major updates Algorithms.

What Is Google Algorithm?

Google is the largest search engine, so obviously, Google might follow some regulation or mechanism so it can have answers to everything, for answering all queries in the best possible way google follow a set of regulation rules, called the Google Algorithm.

Google’s Algorithm

Google algorithm is a set of indexed data, in other words, google index all informative data, and when users give a query google show result from indexed data this is a simple way to understand google algorithm and how google works, if we go into brief we found factors like google search console, crawling etc.


All these factors are helpful for developers to rank their websites at the top, it’s essential to be updated about the new update because google updates its algorithm a thousand times in a year, some times it’s minor or sometimes it is a core update.


The best way to understand and follow proper algorithm updates is to review Google’s documentation or make high-quality content or outset your site as per search engine optimization Google never reveal their algorithm so it’s a secret for everyone because if we know then the ranking of the website is easy for everyone.


3  Essential Google Algorithm Updates You Should Know

Day-by-day technology improving and search engines also keep updating essential if the algorithm didn’t update timely users will start posting irrelevant content or doing keyword stuffing and which results in the improper working of google or the algorithm updates help the developer to find new ways to rank websites.


Google algorithm is also helpful in decreasing the chances of black hat SEO, here are 5 important google algorithm updates which helpful for developers in website rank in fairways.


Caffeine Indexing System (June 2010)-  it is invented to speed up search engine results so user can see their information or answer their query faster, it’s helpful for google in crawling and storing data in results it provides 50 percent fresh search results or caffeine indexing system still known as the largest collection of web content.

As a result caffeine indexing update help in a better user experience.


Panda Update (2011) – Panda update mainly focused on keyword stuffing intention of panda is same to provide quality content to users so they can get reliable results faster, it also works on removing spamming or rewriting content from search ranking, it also changes SEO working in the largest level like restrictions for black hat SEO or keyword stuffing basically focused on good quality content.


Penguin Update(2012)- The main intention of the penguin update is to focus on web spamming so can easy for users to open the exact URL or website, in the case of SEO  penguin changes the major part of Off-page which is link building, penguins make restriction for making multiple links so it decreases chances of low-quality links. Due to this, it’s hard to comply with webmaster guidelines.

Google’s Algorithm

Key Points Of Google Algorithm-

  • Google Algorithm is helpful in updating search engine optimization techniques so it can decrease the chances of ranking black hat SEO sites or remove black hat SEO strategy.
  • Google added MUM’s technology is multitask unified model which helps in google lens and image search so it will help in answering effectively.
  • The main intention of google is for users to get accurate high-quality answers so algorithms help in determining the rank of web pages or get high-quality content so it easy for both user and developer.
  • Google algorithm also works on page experience updates so google search console can evaluate overall, user experience we don’t know much about google updates but all we can do is accurate working as per regulations.
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