What is a Softphone and why should you use it?


Business phone solutions today are completely concerned about IP telephony as it is generally called internet calling. But at the same time, advanced technology supports mobile internet calling and it is made possible with Cloud softphone apps. 

Corporate cloud phones have every feature of an internet phone. At the basic level, IP phones can display caller ID and call transfer, programmable buttons with options for speed dialing, dedicated speakers or microphones, and everything necessary. 

What is a Softphone App?

It is a mobile app that has to be downloaded and installed from the play store/App store. It is capable of handling all your business operations successfully with complete security and disaster recovery assured. You can use a softphone app on a computer, tablet, or smartphone to communicate. You can use this as you would with a regular mobile phone but you need an Internet connection. 

However, softphones running on a PC must be paired with a headset and frequently work better than softphone apps on smartphones with better call quality. But, when you are only using a computer or mobile device, AC adapters or other external power sources are rarely required.

Use of Softphones in the Business Sector:

Internet telephony service providers must be well aware of the importance of low-cost and high-speed communication for business operations. As a result, the use of cloud softphones has skyrocketed.

When you make a cloud call over the internet, the provider combines a number of technologies into one platform. Virtually any smartphone with Android or iOS can do the job with a softphone. You can also do the same on tablets as well. But, please remember that you require a speedy internet connection. Because cloud-based systems work entirely with the help of the internet to make and receive calls and have a clear call conversation.

Hence, virtual phone apps are extremely useful in business operations, particularly for employees who travel a lot. So, simply install your respective service provider’s app and start making and receiving both inbound and outbound calls.

How are workplace softphone apps useful?

With today’s technology, the uses of cloud telephony are unlimited. It is not possible to describe the flexibility cloud computing provides while you deal with business operations. 

You can save money by switching to cloud calling because many service providers offer unlimited calling plans. As a result, customers who use softphone apps to make long-distance calls do not have to worry about paying a hefty phone bill. For a monthly fee, one can make as many phone calls as they want and they don’t need to look around for the best deals.

In addition to being straightforward, using Cloud softphone apps has other benefits. Because of these benefits, it becomes ideal for new employees who require instant access to a company’s business phone system. Instead of making your staff wait for new desk phones, you can encourage them to use softphone apps so that they can make and receive phone calls without having to pay extra for their mobile.

Some of your employees might have to travel for work. Then, they need a phone service that suits their needs. And, softphone apps might be useful there.

How can a softphone outperform a desk phone?

Enhanced Audio quality:

Once comparing desk phones to softphones, it is known that desk phones are renowned for their superior voice quality. Because they have specialized hardware to make sure to deliver the calls with the highest quality. But in certain cases, people on the office floor prefer using a desk phone may be enough to make calls of better quality. However, factors such as bandwidth and QoS settings are some that can remarkably affect the call quality.


Technology has evolved to an extent we can’t imagine. Therefore, always remember that buying a desk phone itself doesn’t mean you are giving up portability. Because we use cordless devices connected to the internet to make it easier to move around the office but in a limited territory. However, softphones have better portability as they can be used even outside of an office to manage calls. There are no geographical limitations.

Factors of Dependability and Effectiveness:

Because employees who work on the floor need access to all of the tools they need to work well. Therefore, desk phones are mostly favored by certain departments that rely on phones, like customer service or tech support. And, call management functions will become much simpler to use on specialized hardware.

Simultaneously, in order to make a cloud-based call, your softphones and desk phones need to be compatible with SIP (Sessions Initiation Protocol). Subsequently, we identify these phones with an IP address to make and take calls over your network. On the other hand, softphones can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, so it is agreeable that their call quality is slightly lower than that of desk phones.Softphone

Apart from the above features, softphones have other advanced features like;

Better Privacy:

If you have the internet and an app installed on your mobile device, you don’t need another app because it already has the ability to make calls. Well, it has many advantages. It allows you to answer work calls while still keeping your personal information and contacts segregated. This is because, when you make calls from the app, it will only show your business number rather than your personal one. So you need not give up your privacy just because you are bringing your own device. 


In simple terms, softphones work well!

  • Drag-and-drop call transfers
  • Visual voicemails
  • Voicemail-to-email configuration
  • Incoming call notifications 
  • Omni Presence
  • Caller information
  • Contact directory
  • Multiple lines

The above are just a few of the many enhancements and shortcuts in the user interface. This results in easy management of your company’s communications.


In fact, softphones are very scalable and adaptable apps used for internet-based calling. These apps are really an asset to businesses as they encourage hybrid and remote work cultures. Through this, any organization saves valuable time, space in the office, and eventually investment. Besides, firms can rely on the cloud PBX which provides flexibility and accessibility in business operations.

However, businesses that need to communicate quickly and easily from any location can prefer this as they benefit greatly from softphones. Just like IP phones, softphones promise you all of the cloud calling features outperforming traditional telephones. Some of the essential business-calling features include video conferencing, instant messaging, and chat.

Vitel Global India is a service with our integrated softphone applications that is exactly what you are looking for if you are a business owner. If you want all the features of a traditional desk phone experience along with the convenience of portability and integrations as well as advanced business calling features.

Vitel Global India is a cloud-based phone solution that is best in class and includes fully secured, cross-channel communication. It enables your agents to seamlessly shift support interactions from one channel to the next. See how it works to learn how Vitel Global India can help you to choose the right communication. Why not request a free demo today?

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