Our Technology Advantage

GreenStar is focused on obtaining best in class technology to advance its operations and brands to stay at the forefront of technology innovation.

Joint Venture with Progressive Herbs, Inc.

GreenStar has secured the exclusive worldwide right and sub-license to use and commercialize Progressive’s proprietary Micro-Grow Pod cultivation technology.

Key benefits of the cultivation technology: Significant reduction in resources needed.

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Reduces operating costs (electrical, water, labor) and capital costs

“Proof of Concept” verified through a small scale pilot operation within Cowlitz in Washington State

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Quality product: pesticide and heavy metal free.

Joint Venture with PharmaStrip Corp.

Greenstar has secured an agreement with PharmaStrip to produce “Cannabis Oral Thin Film Strips”, cannabis infused mouth strips.

Key Benefits

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Exact & reliable dosages – more reliable and faster acting than traditional forms of ingestion like edibles and inhalation

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Dissolved cannabis infused thin film strips on the tongue deliver the precise dosage of cannabis ingredients

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Exclusive to Washington State