Sony Wireless Headphones Not Connecting Issues Solved.


Sony is renowned for its dedication to the production of digital devices focused on transmitting video and audio frequencies. Over the years, they have manufactured devices like DVDs, speakers, soundbars, television, and, most importantly, headphones.


Sony wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect with a host device and recreate lifelike sounds received from the host. The host device (e.g., a smartphone, smart TV, etc.) is connected to the headphones through its existing installed Bluetooth feature. Hereafter, audio frequencies are transmitted and recreated to the listener through the headphones.

What are the Connection Issues of Sony Headphones

Unfortunately, a host of users face some difficulties when attempting to connect their headphones to the host device. Some users who eventually fail to connect after numerous trials give up on trying.


Several factors can prompt the problem of connectivity. These factors hinder Sony headphones from connecting with the intended hist device. The next part of this article highlights these situations that can hinder your Sony headphone from connecting with the host device and offers applicable solutions.

Issue #1: Paired Devices

Wireless headphones are designed to pair (connect) with a single device at a time. When you pair your Sony headphone with a device, they can’t connect with another device at the same time. Therefore, you must check and be sure that your headphones are not connected to other phones or computers before attempting to pair.


If they are paired with another device, you must unpair the Bluetooth headphone and reset them. Here’s a guide on how to unpair a paired Bluetooth device:

  • On the host device (phone or computer), go to Bluetooth settings and tap on the gear icon beside the headphone’s name.
  • Click on the forget device to unpair the headphone from the said device.
  • Now reset the headphone by pressing the power button and wait till the LED light flashes blue 4 times.

The LED light flashing indicates that the headphone is now ready to be paired with a new device.

Issue #2. Range

The distance between your headphones and the said device (phone or computer) could hinder the connectivity of both devices. The Bluetooth on headphones and other mobile devices has a connectivity range of about 30 meters. If you’re facing difficulty in connecting your headphones, adjust the distance between the headphones and the smartphone/computer.

  • Bring the headphone and Bluetooth device close (within 1m) from each other.
  • Switch on the headphone (it would automatically enter pairing mode). Connect with the Bluetooth device and continue listening to unbeatable music.


Other causes of connectivity issues of Sony wireless headphones, and their solutions, include;

  1. Low battery: Re-charge the headphones
  2. Technical faults: Technical faults of the headphones may cause them to “misbehave.” Seek the expertise of a headphone repairer to get it fixed.


Your Sony headphones will likely exhibit connectivity malfunctioning when facing any of the above-listed problems. However, every connectivity issue can be solved, and to that end, the solutions to each problem are stated in this article. Follow all the solution procedures shown above judiciously, and enjoy the fine sounds emanating from your Sony headphones.

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