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The security of your computer systems and applications is an important element for the success of any business. Therefore, you need to make sure that you don’t compromise your organization cybersecurity. While your IT team may help establish a cybersecurity program, they may already have a lot of work to do that they may give enough attention to this component. As a result, you may consider it prudent to outsource the cybersecurity services to a managed security service provider (MSSP).

If you don’t know what an MSSP is and how it can add value to your business, keep reading to find out.

So, what is a managed security service provider?

An MSSP refers to an agency or individual offering outsources cybersecurity monitoring and management services to your systems and devices. Common services offered by MSSPs are intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, managed firewall, and anti-viral services. These firms utilize high-availability security operation centers to offer 24/7 services intended to reduce the need for hiring, training and training a large number of operational security personnel to uphold an satisfactory security posture. Additionally, with critical cybersecurity systems outsourced, your IT team will have more time to focus on other projects, furthering organizational objectives.

What common services do Managed Security Service Providers offer?

The following are the common services offered by the Managed Security Service Providers:

  • Intrusion detection

Typically, networks are usually comparable to castles, where a big enough dike that will theoretically protect all the things you cherish on the interior. However, modern approaches to intrusion detection entail second-guessing all people, applications, software, and components regardless of whether they are outside or inside. The provision of intrusion detection services by a highly qualified MSSP entails protecting all your systems and services, in addition to ensuring attackers do not utilize them to harm other systems within or without your organization.

  • Managed firewall

This refers to a service that offers a stronger threat management via the execution of security experts. The professionals monitor your firewalls constantly and respond to probable threats. Managed Security Service Providers scrutinize your system’s network to identify and track patterns, which are utilized to create security parameters. Whenever an event occurs outside the established parameters, an alert is triggered and the potential risk handled.

  • Vulnerability scanning

An MSSP scans for threats in your networks, including apparent targets for cybercriminals, such as sensitive data and workspaces. A Managed Security Service Providers may pinpoint every vulnerability, regardless of whether it is adjacent to an attack surface, inside it, or some degrees away from it.  

  • Virtual private network (VPN)

The Managed Security Service Providers could help configure a VPN to shelter your business’s operations securely. Given that other users are restricted from utilizing it, a VPN reduces the attack surface considerably. If only authorized users are given access to the VPN, an MSSP only needs to execute security measures to protect the network from the users as well as their devices.

  • Antiviral services

Given that variety of viral attacks increases every day, it is quite difficult for your IT teams to keep up with these changes. An MSSP has pertinent resources to deal with the viruses that present the imminent risk to your network and users. They can then create a portfolio of antiviral programs that focuses most salient threats.

Final Thought

As you think about your cybersecurity programs, you may consider outsourcing this service to an MSSP. This will ensure more effective cyber threat handling and allow you IT teams to focus on other organizational projects.

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