Distinction Between WordPress & HTML Websites

HTML Websites

Before creating a website it’s essential to decide what kind of website we have to create WordPress or HTML, let’s differentiate between both of them.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a free tool for website creation, experts say that it is a simple version of HTML, basically, it’s for non-technical users because it’s easily accessible. With WordPress, it’s easy to create customized websites.

WordPress or HTML

WordPress is based on CMS (content management system) which allows to create and customize the content, WordPress follows drag and drop so it’s easy for the user to create their content as they want, or it’s a cost-effective method because you can create websites without hiring a developer, it also managed server and database so you don’t need to worried about this.


What Is HTML?

HTML is a hypertext markup language basically it is coding based so creating this kind of website required specific skills and expertise, it includes HTML, CSS, and JAVA Script because it is a standard markup language that gives an exact look of a web page or its easy for the formatting of the image, heading, links, text, and layout etc.


HTML is also known as SEO-friendly language because it gives more flexibility and fewer complications, HTML websites don’t need regular backup or also give significant speed advantages to the user.


Differentiate Between WordPress & HTML Website

WordPress and HTML both are the best options for websites but both have different significance WordPress is drag and drop or easy like anyone can work whereas HTML is a coding-based language for this user needs expertise or a software developer can do this but HTML is the best option for publishing web portal.WordPress or HTML

  • HTML is a coding-based website so it runs faster as code runs smoothly whereas WordPress facilitates a number of templates or all of these are free of cost.
  • If you need static pages or responsive websites like images, or videos then you can go with HTML whereas WordPress is the best option for the full blog, with good interface security, and a database.
  • In HTML users need to write code by themselves so they need to know a brief knowledge of coding whereas anyone who can manage a WordPress website just needs to buy a domain or hosting.
  • If you want to avoid more expenses then you can go with WordPress it is less expensive and also connected with the global community of businesses that uses WordPress It also provides a number of plugins to use.


Conclusion- After the figure out the meaning or differences between both WordPress or HTML-based websites, the truth is if you are looking for a personal work website or for normal corporate or the intent of the website is informational then you have to go with WordPress but if you planning about the social network or large e-commerce platform in that cases you need for custom web development so you have to go with HTML website.

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